Power YourFuture.

Building affordable, tailored & clean energy solutions to suit your individual homes needs and reduce your cost of living.

At The Solar Group we are all about powering your future.

We want to reduce the cost of living by bringing affordable, clean electricity to all families and the generations to come across Australia, as well as helping to repair the planet at the same time.



Our aim is to provide solar PV solutions that will be cheaper than your current electricity bills, which will also allow you to take back control of your current electricity costs as well as rising electricity costs in the future. Read More

Our energy saving consultants are committed to providing individual custom assessments to each and every home and building tailored energy solutions to suit your individual homes needs. We do not have a one-size-fits-all approach as each home consumes electricity differently.


Protect your solar investment with bird proofing. The solar panel bird proofing is designed to prevent birds and pests from accessing the area beneath solar arrays. Protect wiring systems, solar panels and your roof with the solar panel bird deterrent kit.


Ensure your system performs at its optimal performance all year round. Through our panel cleaning program, you will maximise your system performance all year round and maximise your savings.


Due to substantially reduced costs in commercial scale solar power systems the return on investment has become very attractive to businesses with drastically reduced payback periods. Read More

Our approach provides a single point of contact for all aspects of the development and implementation process.


If you are unsure if your system is working or require a repair or replacement. Our friendly team can assess your system and give you the best advice on the next steps.


Energy produced by solar panels during the day can be stored and used at night with battery storage.

The Solar Group is here to take the stress and financial burden off our customers. We design systems where you simply switch over to a cheaper electricity alternative with a $0 deposit, saving you money from the start and allowing you to take back control of your power bills.

We only want the best outcome for all our customers – financial freedom.


A few of the projects that we have recently completed.

Customer Service


Professional Advice


On the bright summer days, this system is spewing out about 70kWh of AC per day. It’s a winner.

The only luxury I want when I’m older is to have the freedom to be cool when it’s hot & warm when it’s not and not be ruled by uncontrollable electricity bills! I can finally now do that!

When the consultant came out they explained everything in detail and made us understand solar and the benefits we will gain.

The installers were so friendly and did a fantastic job!

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